Are you tired of…

  • retainer model for IT support when you only need some
    sporadic help few times a year?
  • searching and managing tech volunteers and feeling lost when they leave?
  • trying to do-IT-yourself and feel like pulling your hair out?


We offer you a pay-per-use  model where your macro and more importantly micro IT needs are fulfilled at nominal costs. Henceforth you focus only on creating social impact!


With a Pay-per-use you can engage us anytime to

  • keep your website updated and healthy
  • get social marketing help during campaigns
  • get CTO level input to your program execution
  • envision the role of technology correctly in proposal writing
  • train new employees on routine IT tasks relevant at your organization
  • audit your current IT systems
  • and more…!
For more information on how DigiSarathi aims to save your time and money, fill in the form below with a current IT related task/need at hand and we will get in touch with you ASAP!