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Digitisation need not be expensive & complicated. Our strategy, system design and execution processes are speedy & agile enough to start showing results ASAP. 

We believe technology’s primary goal is to free humans of uncreative work!

Our Product


Travel Expense Tracker for Work

Record Project Expenses on the mobile and click a button to send an Excel file to Head Office. 

Capturing the project expenses to report to Donors is important for any nonprofit organisation. The accuracy and real-timeliness of your expense report can make or break your Donor’s trust. 

Naturally, most nonprofits and NGOs spend a lot of their time on this administrative task of collecting and collating expenses from different team members to get to the bigger picture. Excel files keep going back & forth! The most affected is the Head Accounts who is responsible for keeping all the expense data in good stead.

To make this tedious time taking task obsolete, we have made SherLock. 

What NGO users are saying

  • “Super easy to use!”
  • “Will save my team one whole day a month..”
  • “I now don’t forget small expenses while claiming reimbursement”
600+ NGOs and individuals in Pune are already saving time by using SherLock.


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Innovative user experiences based on a modular and scalable architecture to scale with flexibility and create seamless digital experiences.
Facilitate the design process of new products and innovate towards new markets to achieve superior customer value.

Our Clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Daniel Ben Horin

Founder, Techsoup USA

“..a comprehensive knowledge of tech issues, cross-cultural sophistication and a fierce dedication to his work were all apparent. Much of our network’s success in India can be credited to his involvement.”

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