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Nerdy and more! They keep techonology simple and agile to let our designers experiment their minds off. Robustness and usability are core values while typing any line of code. Eyes on the big picture, kick-ass communication and planning skills and always learning and innovating.


This lot asks more questions than our investors! That's how one gets to the core problems, beyond the symptoms. These insights eventually translate into colors and animation and what not. Eyes on the big picture, kick-ass imagination and always questioning the status quo.


Products cant be created and deployed with same mindset as traditional IT Services. And in most cases, online marketing and real user engagement is embedded in the portal functionality. This holistic approach requires experienced techniques to achieve optimum success.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Story telling about brands, products and social impact has moved online for good. We help our customers tell their stories effectively by putting technology to work. From creating awareness campaigns at the beginning of a venture or collecting result sets for Monitoring & Evaluation systems, technology plays a crucial role. Data is ever increasing but to cut the clutter and reach out to users is more art than science today.

Technology Solutions & Products

Technology is always the enabler but using the right tool for the right task can make even uphill tasks easy. Our expertise comes from working on a wide variety of business needs being fulfilled by applying the right tech stack, from open-source to state of the proprietary frameworks.

Rapid Prototyping to Production Ready

Prototyping has emerged as the right way of approaching product discovery and design . Prototpypes are low cost demo-like systems that help you to decide what the production features should be. We assist startups and enterprises brainstorm innovative ideas in the prototpying to production phases.

Innovation & Social Impact

India's leading non-profits (NGOs), startups and SMEs have used our techniques to put tech to work!

Our Work