Why NGOs need technology?

Its time we freed our human resources from the mere mundane to focusing more on the core domain issues. Let technology do all the repetitive admin reporting and tasks. Technologies have matured immensely over the years, making it affordable for NGOs of all sizes.

Our Services for NGOs


Finding it difficult to afford a full-time experienced Chief Technology Officer? Look no further to get support in - should we upgrade? Is this server good enough? web or mobile app? digiSarathi maintains a council of senior technology architects that handhold the NGO management in making a tech roadmap and achieving it in a timely and cost-effective manner. You pay only when you use us!

Web Design & Marketing

Fundraising! Your website and social media marketing is the key to connecting with donors, volunteers and the public in general. Imagine your site to be like a hotel reception desk answering queries of the visitor. A good website should convey key objectives and and also provide insights for the visitor to contribute in meaningful ways. Like the old English proverb, first impression is the last impression!

Setup MIS and M&E

How to measure social impact? A robust internal decision making system can keep a NGO on track. Whether its a one-time individual donor or a long-term CSR partner, donors needs data on where their money was spent. This mandates a strong Monitoring & Evaluation system! For organisations that are multi-location, keeping the team in sync is challenging yet crucial! Talk to us on how a MIS Dashboard can give your management immediate clarity.

Trainings on things Online!

You read it correct! We have a wide range of training modules in all those aspects of technology relevant to a NGO and its staff.
Engaging the online user (via social media and other online assets) being the primary theme, our curriculum can get your team up to date with the current trends and best practices derived from working with local and global NGOs.

How we keep costs low for NGO projects?

We are experts in open source technologies with no license cost. Some of the biggest companies in the world today run their businesses on open source platforms.

Our iterative approach breaks down the entire mammoth system into tangible building blocks - much like a lego project. This helps the NGO better manage the transition in terms of costs and staff trainings.

Our tech solutions are strong and robust in terms of quality and this enables us to build upon and extend the features in a cost-effective manner.

We are a eco-friendly organisation that cuts out much of the contemporary wastage in its operations. This keeps our overheads lower than the norm. These cost savings transfer onto our NGO clients.

Innovation & Social Impact

India's leading non-profits (NGOs), startups and SMEs have used our techniques to put tech to work!

Our Work