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We enable you to respond to fast-changing customers, employees and market-expectations.


Design Thinking

Explore the Right Problem


Build the Right things



Build the thing Right

Too often, the question is “Lean or Agile?”. The answer is “and,” not “or”: it’s Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile.

Our approach enables our customers to respond quickly to ever-changing market demands disruptions, with innovative business solutions.

Our team holds deep expertise in company-wide scaling of customer experiences by improvising digital & data architectures.

Sundar Iyer


“digiSarathi helped us decide that the software system we had in mind should be evaluated after we reach a certain scale otherwise we are only adding complexities to the resolution process.”

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Who we can help succeed
We have supported companies in multiple sectors (e.g. Insurance, Manufacturing, …) in different stages of their digital transformation journeys.

Early Starters at Incubation stage

Setting up Continuous Integration (CI/CD)

Tech Leads facing execution issues

Product Managers in roadmap & design